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Fleeting Moments of Genius

December 2, 2010

 Taking clothes out of the dryer, loading the dishwasher, changing a diaper, nursing Max, sitting at red lights, driving to work, cooking dinner. I compose constantly, in my mind.  Especially when no means to record my thoughts are available. 

I have started to coin these as my “fleeting moments of genius”. While immersed in thought I think…

“wow this is pretty good…you should write on this, remember this thought Kristina!”

Yes, I do stop from time to time, and jot down a thought or… four. The problem is, when I find the time to return and expand on these “moments of genius” they pale in comparison to my original inner dialog.

I guess they call this “Writer’s Block”.

Please bear with me as I work through this…

I am also struggling with what is “blog worthy”. Then I wonder, who am I blogging for, you or me?  Honestly, a bit of both.

In the end, this is my journal, for your voyeuristic pleasure. In the end, this is my own personal journey. In the end, this blog is my means to reawaken one part of myself latent for far too long.

 In conclusion, my own personal moments of genius, need not be written down to prove they occurred.  Writing them down for you to read does not make them more real. They are alive in the recesses of my consciousness, waiting for me.

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