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Interweb Meanderings

November 22, 2010

Welcome to my most recent edition of  interweb meanderings. Included are links I thought you may find interesting, useful, or just plain funny. Several of these links deserve their own post, but until then…enjoy!

The Myth Of A Germ-Free World And Antimicrobial Products from TerraDaily. Learn more about triclosan, its effects on the environment, water treatment facilities and our health. Did you know it is present in most hand soaps, personal cleansers, and even  toothpastes!? Alarmingly, 97 percent of all U.S. women show detectable levels of triclosan in their breast milk! Triclosan has been linked to endocrine disruption, with potential adverse impacts on sexual and neurological development.  In our home we switched to bar soap and are phasing out my husband’s triclosan riddled toothpaste and body care products.  An FDA expert panel concluded  that “regular use of antimicrobial products by the general public was no more effective than traditional methods of proper hygiene-simply washing thoroughly with regular soap and water”. Please, especially if you have young chidlren, start reading product labels and read this article.


If you are like me, sweaters are drawn to you like stray animals. (aww….can I bring him home? Pleeeeeese?) Not much is more comforting than a delicious sweater on a brisk day, and a cute puppy warming my feet.  Most of my “collected” sweaters are well worn and felted (some felted on purpose, most not – whoops!), living in my closets, on hooks, and in garment boxes. They have seriously taken over! A girl can only wear so many sweaters!  How can I part with them, like old friends they have stuck with me through break ups, college all nighters, falling in love, and becoming a mother.  Herein lies my question, “What to do with all my ‘friends’ before my husband loses it and tosses them out the window?”  (Ya ta ta da!) Crafting to the rescue!  This website is a fabulous resource!  10 different upcycling sweater crafts should start warming your (and my) crafting mojo! I especially like the mitten and hat idea! p.s. if you have time snoop around the site for other wonderful , creative and USEFUL upcycling ideas.


 Ok, as if I haven’t craved a craft room enough already, after reading this I am  now seriously REALLY craving a craft room to whip one of these out. Recently I priced out several wooden kitchen sets for Miss Amelia and well, simply they are spendy. BUT I would rather fork over $$$ for a well made wooden kitchenette she can pass on to her children than get some cheap a$$ plastic rendition which would ultimately reside in a landfill. After skimming craigslist I realized everyone DOES keep their wooden pieces to pass down, because no one is selling them.  Why pay $$$ when you can make one. Yep, you heard right, make one. Here is a link to a very creative idea to fashion a kitchette from an old night stand. Hmm…I might have to put my mother-in-law’s crafty talents to work on this. 🙂 Here are the tutorial links  on Design Dazzle  or Just Something I Made.


Dreaded cold days are upon us in good ol’ Minnesota. It was 70 degrees last week, and now… about 25 degrees (sadly, I kid you not). Here is a recipe for Organic Homemade Playdough t0 whip up inside when father winter whips up the snow outside.


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