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Just call me a flake…it’s ok. Really.

November 7, 2010

Lately, I have found it hard to blog. Inspiration strikes while showering, walking, sitting at red lights. You know, the most opportune times! I also have this problem of not finishing blogs I start.  I’ll start writing about a subject (just to get the ideas out) and plan to return to said post to research the subject or write a coherent thought. But often I return to the half-written posts and think, “Who do I think I am, writing about this? I am not an expert.” Or,  “This is totally an inaccurate depiction of my life what an hypocritical twit I am!”  Lately I have regreted the moniker, ” Crunchy Soup” and what it implies. Sure, I am definitely crunchy…but more like cereal soaking in milk crunchy. Living up to the “Crunchy” is stifling.

While I contemplate the focus of my blog, let’s talk about current events!

1. Guy was admitted in to the State Bar! The swearing-in was a wonderful concurrent  ceremony of closure and new beginnings. Tears were shed. Happy tears. Tears of “We did it!”  Tears of “Oh the places we’ll go babe!” Tears of pride for my love and all his hard work. Way to go honey I am SO SO proud of you! I heart is over flowing with pride brimming on being a braggart.

2. The conclusion of my Holistic Nursing class is this week. I am sad it is already over but excited about all the new interesting people I met and the new interesting part of myself I discovered and rediscovered along the way.We should never underestimate the power of the human body and spirit. (if we can even separate them?)

3. In addition to completing the course I am now even more sure about the path of Holistic Nursing as my specialty. I have a lot of exciting self work to learn along the way. Certification is a two-year process, and I am on my way. It is exciting to grow as a nurse, and in my career. But most importantly it is exciting to continue growing as a person outside of the role of “mother”, but also in a way which will complement every aspect of my life. Exciting indeed!

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