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How Do You Balance?

September 3, 2010

Preface:  I would love to post pictures of all our doings-around-the-home BUT our family camera croaked! R.I.P.  Fussy pics are all our backup camera spews. Alas, my readership quartet I will count on you to use your ever-present imaginations. Thanks!

:::: In this week off from “work” we have been quite busy. On Monday the bulk peaches and apples arrived. 20# of peaches and apples were split in to more manageable 10# allotments with Karen. Now looking upon my fruit and all the possibilities, I wish to have been brave enough to order the full 20#, there is always next year!  The peaches were turned into blueberry peach freezer jam, Pirate Peaches, and peach freezer jam. The apples are sitting in our fridge waiting to transform into Caramel Apple Jam and apple sauce. Though this may never happen because we are eating them as is. The apple season is young, I may make apple sauce yet.

::::: Last weekend we hit up the Saint Paul Farmer’s market and I scored some beautiful organic fresh picked red onions destined to become Zesty Red Pepper Jelly. The first batch turned out more like a “glaze” and second batch jelled wonderfully and is a pretty pink hue, almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Last night I broke open one of the “glazes” and made a killer sweet and sour sauce for my stir fry. WOW! With just some small additions of red chilli paste and tabasco it was PERFECT! I might be on to something …stay tuned for a recipe.

::::: Today the air is brisk and September feels present everywhere. Just last week it was May and now it’s September. My oh my,  having a newborn how he makes time crawl and fly simultaneously. Alas, now it is September and I am back to “work” at the hospital. Albeit part-time, it still feels like I am working full-time.

:::::  How do you balance and find time for yourself? I am interested in the answers of all types of mamas.  :::::


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