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Starstruck by $tarbuck$ – BOGO coupon

August 16, 2010

As you all know I am slightly addicted to coffee –ok more than slightly– absolutely and unabashedly addicted. Embarrassing is also another word used to describe me (good luck with that Amelia!). I always order my iced mocha with very little ice or even ice on the side. I know, I know…it’s seriously embarrassing to take me out anywhere!  Finally, my friends my frugality and ways to stick it to ’em are rubbing off on my hubby, Guy. He was so proud to inform me of how  Caribou’s canned iced coffee cost only $2.00. Then (this is the part which makes a momma proud) “It filled up my cup of ice on the side twice! So it was like getting an iced coffee for only about a buck!’  Well done Guy — you have learned well. (Other than all the wasted packaging, but I digress.)

On the same subject as canned coffees, the deal just got sweeter with this rare $tarbuck$ Double Shot BOGO coupon.  Be sure to print it off again and get two, I did!  While you are there make some free business cards to show the world you – indeed are the puppet master!



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