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Millions of Peaches…

August 15, 2010

Summer is winding down. Sadly, back to school (for some, but gladly not my hubby this year), and back to work for me. Though I do adore Autumn, other than it precedes old man Winter. I love how Autumn envelopes the senses. The angle of the sun, the multi -colored leaves, the crisp morning air, the taste of fresh harvested food. Autumn even smells different!  Now, if it could just precede a different season say, Spring, oh Autumn how I would love thee even more.

With Harvest is soon approaching. My orders for peaches and apples are on the docket. Now what am I to do with 10# of peaches and apples.

1. Apple and peach butter, for the fall and gifts.

2. Frozen peaches for smoothies

3. Apple sauce (frozen for the kiddos this winter)

4. Freezer Jam (blueberry peach freezer jam here we come!)

5. Just eat them fresh.

What would you do with a bunch of fresh produce like peaches and apples?

Do you have an awesome recipe featuring peaches and/or apples?

Don’t be a stranger I would love to hear from you!

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