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Get the kiddos into the kitchen

August 6, 2010

Over the last two years Ameila and I have made so many fun meals together. She started in her booster seat banging a wooden spoon on the table. She soon graduated to an empty plastic bowl and spoon. Now a days Amelia helps me prepare almost everything in the kitchen. She helps  whisk eggs or pancake batter in the morning for breakfast, spreads jelly on her bread for PB and Js, kneads bread dough, rolls out tortillas, and spins salads for dinner.

Never underestimate your child’s ability to become involved in food preparation. From the farmer’s market or grocery store to the table Amelia is  involved. She knows what vegetables look like and their names, even though she won’t eat most of them. (It’s a start in the right direction, right!) She knows what baking powder does for our pancakes, “makes bubbles”, (close enough for me).

Making coffee and lunch for me is one of Amelia’s favorite things to do, fake coffee and wooden food lunch that is! Very tasty.

It’s never too early or too late to include your child(ren) in the kitchen. Even though the messes may be bigger and the preparation a tad bit slower, the memories will last a lifetime.

My tips:

Don’t cook w/kids while either are extremely hungry.

Purchase a “Learning Tower” or a kitchen helper

Make or buy kid sized aprons ( or just strip ’em down to their skivvies.)

 A plastic mixing bowl with a grippy bottom.

Floor mats help too

Be ready to clean up a mess and try not to worry about it.

Have fun!


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