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Homemade Granola Bars

July 25, 2010

Granola bars are a main stay here . We (could) eat about a box or more a week. At about $3.00 for a box of Kashi granola bars it was time for an intervention.  This equals approximately $12.00 a month or $144.00 a year just on granola bars! (yikes!!!) . As Guy exclaimed, “That is a car payment!!!”.
So I decided it was time to take our addiction to granola bars into my own hands and learn how to make some comparable to the Kashi brand we love.
I had some standards; no high fructose corn syrup, only whole grains, and organic if possible, low-fat, and low sugar too!
I found a delicious, frugal and easy recipe I would love to share you. Here is a link to the recipe I used for inspiration. It has a great tutorial step by step on how to make them.
I have a problem. I can not stick to a recipe.

 So…I used a little maple syrup (because was too impatient to wait for the last dredges of honey out of my bottle to make the total 1/2 cup.)

I would not suggest toasting the wheat germ because it browned up before the rest of the grains. The bars have a “done” taste to them. Guy says he doesn’t mind. (Bless his heart!)

My wax paper stuck to my bars! I nearly had a heart attack and thought I was going to have to throw the whole batch out. Then I had an idea! I used a dry towel and a hot pan to coax the paper off. Not ideal! So, I would suggest using the wax paper to press it down when they are warm and then removing the paper from the top before they cool. I didn’t have a problem with the underside wax paper sticking after they cooled. Strange. I May grease the paper with a touch of butter or coconut butter next time.

I used plastic wrap and wrapped them individually. You could also just put them in a plastic container with plastic wrap between the layers. (I have shunned all wax paper for extended periods of time on these babies.)
I thought the bars were REALLY overly sweet. Of course, Guy loved them.
On his side,  I pressed some left over butterscotch chocolate chips that have hung out in my freezer for the last 2 years. On my side of the bars I pressed in some dried organic cranberries.
For the next batch I am going to add some peanut butter to the “caramel glue” and not use maple syrup.
Also I may toast some coconut flakes and flax.
I am also going to lower the toasting temp to 325-350 degrees. I have read that toasting above that temp can turn the good polyunsaturated fats into trans-saturated fats… not so healthy. This is especially true if you add flax to the mix due to their type of fat content.
I would love to hear any ideas or alterations you may have.
Does anyone have any ideas for a healthier “glue”. I was thinking maybe molasses or rice syrup? Have you sub’d in coconut oil for the butter?
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  1. Kathy Campbell permalink
    July 27, 2010 11:39 pm

    MMMmmmmm I might try making these!!!

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