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Meal Planning

July 19, 2010

Hello my loyal readers, all (ahem) 4 of you. I have another question, how do you meal plan? Do you have a repertoire of recipes you rotate through from week to week? If so how big is your data base of recipes.

I like the idea of meal planning,  but by mid-week I am so disorganized and exhausted dinner usually consists of my husband and I in the kitchen sharing a rotisserie chicken with two forks (optional). Now, I don’t want you to get the idea I am completely helpless in this area, it’s just as of late (after Maxwell joined us)  I have been especially discouraged.  I have quite a few of quick and easy recipes I use, but they are getting old and boring for us. I will be sharing our family goto’s with you. Could you share your’s with me?

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  1. Nicole permalink
    July 27, 2010 1:29 pm

    Awhile back I read an article in the “passionate homemaking” blog that talked about meal preparation. The author discussed having a “meal planning party” where each person attending would bring in a week’s worth of easy, nutritious meals and then these recipes would be swapped to every attendee. I thought this sounded like a lot of fun but also very easy. I can’t remember all of the specifics but she listed several methods of disbursing the recipes in an easy to use format. This is just one way to mix up meal planning and eliminate bordem. I hear ya…right now I’m just stuck.


  1. Cheese Ravioli with Apples + Walnuts « The Crunchy Soup

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