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July 1, 2010

“I found another one labeled ‘Journals‘!” My husband informs me from the back of a mountain of boxes we have stored in my mother-in-law’s [MIL] garage. “Keep!” I say. I mean, duh…These are the journals of my youth; when I thought I would become a writer. But always being the “responsible one” I went into the sciences and became a registered nurse. During my studies I took refuge in writing nursing essays, learning about holistic health, and occassionally writing a poem here or there.  After graduating and moving to Southern Califonia, I became one of many Idiots Peddling Poetry  and read often at open mic nights.  Through out the last 6 years I slowly  lost the holistic nurse I hoped to be in the tasks and commotion of the  understaffed/ overworked career which is nursing.  I also moved back to Minnesota, met and married my husband, and now have two wonderful children (Amelia age 2 and Maxwell age 2 months.) These have been the most busy 6 years of my life! Who has time to write, let alone creatively?   The journey of motherhood rekindled  my holistic health, green simple living,  and my past writing artsy,  fartsy lives.  In many ways I also had a rebirth of creative energy. You’ll find a  bowlful of my kinda crunchy life in a mostly soggy world here.  Dig in, Enjoy!

 “Are you saving all these journals for your memoirs you are going to write when you’re eighty?” My husband scoffs. I think…”hmm, perhaps.”

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